Nail Mogul

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Nail Menu of Service

Natural Nail Care

Renew Manicure $15 no water

Manicure $20 with water

Spa Manicure $30

No Chip Manicure $35

Rockstar Manicure $40

Nail Enhancements

Liquid & Powder Fullset $45

Liquid & Powder Refill $20

Liquid & Powder Forever French $75

Liquid & Powder FF Refill $65 (Pink/White)

No Chip Mani over Liquid & Powder Fullset $55

No Chip Mani over Liquid & Powder Refill $30

LCN Fullset $60

LCN Overlay $50     

LCN Refill $45   

LCN Forever French $85

LCN Forever French refill $55 (Pink/White)

No Chip Mani over LCN Fullset $70

No Chip Mani over LCN Refill $60

Faded Rockstar w/tips $50

Stiletto Nails $55

Almond Nails $55

Lipstick Nails $55

Jaggit Nails $65

Pedicure Services 

Renew Pedicure $25

Pedicure $35

Spa Pedicure $40

No Chip Pedicure $45

No Chip Spa Pedicure $55

Rockstar Pedicure $45

Rockstar Spa Pedicure $55

Add On's

Polish Change Hands $10

Polish Change Toes $12

No Chip Add On $10

Rockstar Add on $15

Rockstar per finger $5

Junk Nails per finger $5

Nail Art $2 and up per finger

Fullset of Designs $15

Add French extra $5

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Natural Nail Care, No Chip Manicure

Natural Nail Care

No Chip Manicure with Nail Art Design

Gel Powder, Acrylic Nails, Stiletto Nails

Nail Enhancement

Liquid/Powder, Gel Powder with Nail art 3D design


Rockstar Pedicure